3 Every Day Items Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat

Often when people think of the most germ covered surface in their household, they think of the toilet seat. And because of this, we tend to clean our toilet seat frequently to kill germs and bacteria. But what about the items we use every day and don’t clean? How dirty are they?

The following is a list of three items you and your family touch every day that are way dirtier than a toilet seat.

#1. Cell phones

According to a recent study conducted by The Heath Site, on average, a touch screen phone has 25,000 germs per square inch! Approximately 92% of all cell phones have bacteria on them as well. So the same device you press against your face every day is dirtier than the soles of your shoes, the dog’s food bowl and even a toilet seat!

Now that I have thoroughly grossed you out, let us provide you with a pro tip on how to keep your phone clean! Individually wrapped alcohol wipes can be purchased at your local supermarkets and drug stores, priced around $1.29 for a 100 ct. box. Once a day, use an alcohol wipe to clean all those germs off your phone, don’t forget the sides and back of your phone as well as your touch screen. We suggest keeping a few wipes in your car, purse, and desk at work, so you have a germ-free phone no matter where you are.


#2. Purses and Handbags

Ladies, bad news, your purse is also dirtier than a toilet seat! On top of carrying around your germ filled cell phone, the outside of your favorite handbag is just as dirty. From placing it under the table at restaurants, or on the floor of your car; the spongy texture your purse is made of is the perfect material to attract and spread bacteria.

Once a week, we recommend wiping down your purse with a baby wet wipe. They are gentle enough, that they won’t dry out the material your purse is made of while still capable of killing those nasty little germs and bacteria.

If your purse contains at least eight of the items listed in the image above, it might be time to clean the inside of your purse as well……

#3. Video Game Controllers

Touched by your children on a daily basis (and who knows where their hands have been), video game controllers on average are covered with five times more bacteria than your toilet seat. Another scary thought is kids tend to eat and play video games at the same time, which leaves them even more receptive for the digestion of harmful germs and bacteria.

The alcohol wipes you bought to clean your cell phone can also be used to disinfect your kid’s video game controllers. Furthermore, encourage your children and their friends to wash their hands before and after playing video games to avoid spreading harmful germs and bacteria onto other surfaces.